Craftsman Style Homes – Timeless Detail and Great Design

June 19th, 2015

It says a lot when one style of home construction can stand the test of time while other trends come and go. Craftsman style homes have captured people’ interests for generations and will continue to do so for generations to come. They are a respected part of American architecture today and have been since the turn of the 20th century.

Craftsman style homes are even more popular today because of their quality craftsmanship and attention to both detail and design. Good design never goes out of style and that is why so many people choose to build a Craftsman style home.



The History of Craftsman Architecture
The original Craftsman movement included architecture as well as other arts and handiwork. In fact, the style can also be referred to as the American Arts and Crafts movement. It began in England, however, when people of the Industrial Revolution felt the urge to avoid too much mass production and instead push for a return to quality, handmade items.

When it came to architecture, the Craftsmen believed in the artistic merit of designing homes. They also believed in finding a perfect balance of form and function, choosing sturdy, natural materials wherever possible and planning home layouts that look beautiful and allow a sense of harmony and flow in daily life.
Features of Craftsman Architecture
From large homes to simple one-story bungalows, craftsman style homes come in many shapes and sizes. They typically have large open spaces with an emphasis on natural flow throughout a solid structure. You typically will not see a lot of hallways or closed-off spaces.



You will find large living rooms toward the middle of the home that flows directly into the dining space. Low-angled roofs with extended eaves, wood and stone elements on the exterior and large front porches are all distinctive features.
Standing the Test of Time
Its inviting simplicity as well as its unique touches of fine handmade quality, craftsman style homes have experienced a rebirth many times over the years and are now a permanent fixture of American architecture.

The movement that influenced Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and changed the way Americans think about home design continues to inspire smart design and superior construction. For well over a century, Craftsman style homes have been popular and for good reason. It is exciting to usher in new enjoyment of this timeless architecture.

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